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Papayon Oficial Original Art

Vitruvian Lego

Vitruvian Lego

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Step into a mesmerizing realm where art and geometry harmoniously unite. "Vitruvian Lego" is a captivating canvas, graced with the elegance of a Vitruvian circle. Delicately intervened with an array of vibrant colors and intricate patterns, this art piece invites you to explore the fascinating interplay between form and design. Radiant hues dance within the circle, evoking a sense of unity and balance. Every stroke and every curve tell a story of artistic expression and ingenuity, guiding you through the mysteries of this captivating masterpiece. With each gaze, discover a new layer of intricacy that unravels the secrets hidden within the Vitruvian Lego.


This piece is sold. Please contact us if you are interested in getting the current owner. We would be happy to assist you in connecting with them to explore the possibility of acquiring similar artwork or to inquire about future releases. Thank you for your interest!

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