About Me

Artist Bio
Papayon, a vibrant and irreverent artist, breaks through conventional boundaries with vivid splashes of color and words. His work, influenced by a wide array of artists, including Warhol, Basquiat, and Banksy, defies the traditional rules of art. Using everything from stencils, acrylic, and spray paints to soil, and plastics, Papayon's pieces reflect rebellion, hidden messages, political undertones, and sensual themes. Currently residing in The Woodlands, TX for a time, his artistic journey spans street art shows, galleries, fashion collaborations, and more.

Artist Statement
I don't believe in mistakes or mishaps. Every brushstroke and color is part of the narrative I'm crafting. Art is not bureaucracy, and it shouldn't be confined by galleries or so-called 'rules.' My art is a fight against stupidity, a challenge to conventions, and a voice for those who dare to be different. My canvas is my battlefield, and my vivid colors are my weapons.

Exhibition List
- Street Art Shows: Participated in various cities, including San Diego, Chicago, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Park City, Tempe, Austin, Mexico City, and Sonora, showcasing and selling works to a diverse audience.
- Restaurant Wall Art Collaborations: Featured in restaurants across various cities, reflecting Papayon's signature style and global appeal.
- Fashion Show Collaboration: A unique blend of graffiti art on designer dresses, expanding the artistic footprint into the fashion world.

Media Coverage
- Interviews with Mexican consuls in the US, building traction and artistic profile.
- Local and international TV interviews and features in magazines, blogs, and international podcasts.

Contact Information
- Email: robertofsalmon@gmail.com
- Phone: (480) 791 8067
- Instagram: @papayonoficial