About Papayon

Artist Bio
Papayon, a dynamic and iconoclastic artist, is renowned for transcending the ordinary with his electrifying palette and thought-provoking words. Drawing inspiration from a diverse spectrum of artists, including Warhol, Basquiat, and Banksy, Papayon's artistry ventures beyond the conventional confines of the art world. His repertoire, spanning stencils, acrylics, spray paints, soil, and plastics, manifests a tapestry of rebellion, cryptic narratives, socio-political commentary, and sensuality. Based temporarily in Houston, TX, Papayon's artistic odyssey has embraced the vibrancy of street art shows, the prestige of gallery exhibitions, the innovation of fashion collaborations, and more, marking him as a versatile and compelling figure in the contemporary art scene.

Artist Statement
In my artistic universe, there are no errors or accidents; each stroke and hue is an integral chapter in the story I'm weaving. In my eyes, art is an unfettered realm unbound by bureaucratic chains or the confining walls of traditional galleries. My creations embody a relentless crusade against mediocrity, a bold defiance of norms, and a resonant voice for the audacious. The canvas is my arena, where vibrant colors become my arsenal in this artistic rebellion.


Exhibition List

  • Street Art Shows: My art has graced the streets of numerous cities, including San Diego, Chicago, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Park City, Tempe, Austin, Dallas, Mexico City, and Sonora, captivating many admirers and collectors.
  • Restaurant Wall Art Collaborations: My signature style has adorned the walls of eateries across various locales, infusing them with a global artistic allure.
  • Fashion Show Collaboration: Merging graffiti art and haute couture, I've brought a unique artistic perspective to designer wear, redefining the boundaries between art and fashion.

Media Coverage

  • Engagements with Mexican consuls in the US have amplified my artistic presence and recognition.
  • Features in local and international media, including TV interviews, magazine articles, blogs, and podcasts, have highlighted my journey and influence in the art world.

Contact Information
- Email: roberto@papayonoficial.com
- Phone: (480) 791 8067
- Instagram: @papayonoficial