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The Serpent's Prayer

The Serpent's Prayer

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Title: The Serpent's Prayer   

Medium: Mixed media on canvas   

Size: 8 x 8”       

Description: The painting features a striking silver background that shimmers and reflects light, creating a sense of otherworldliness. In the foreground, a sinuous golden snake coils and twists, its scales catching the light and giving the impression of movement. The snake is the focal point of the painting, appearing to be in a deep unknown prayer.

The prayer itself is depicted in bold, sweeping strokes of pink. The words are abstract and difficult to read, conveying a sense of mystery and ancient wisdom.

In the upper corner of the painting, there is a bright yellow stain that appears to be a splash of paint or some other accidental mark. However, upon closer inspection, the stain reveals itself to be a deliberate part of the painting, a subtle symbol of imperfection and the unexpected moments of beauty that can emerge from chaos.

The overall effect of the painting is one of spirituality and introspection, inviting the viewer to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and the connections between all living things. The use of mixed media adds depth and texture to the piece, while the silver background creates a sense of depth and infinite possibility.


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