Discover the Vibrant World of Roberto F. Salmon's 'Disruptive Art

Discover the Vibrant World of Roberto F. Salmon's 'Disruptive Art

 Exhibition at Xico" Phoenix, AZ

Step into the captivating world of pop art as Xico proudly presents the solo exhibition "Disruptive Art" by renowned artist Roberto F. Salmon, also known as Papayon. With a unique fusion of ancestral and contemporary imagery, Salmon's work promises to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts. Running until August 6, this exhibition showcases the artist's dynamic creations at Xico's 829 Studio, located in the heart of downtown.

An Immersive Experience:
Prepare to be mesmerized by the vibrant and thought-provoking pieces on display at Xico's "Disruptive Art" exhibition. Roberto F. Salmon, an accomplished pop art artist, skillfully blends traditional and modern influences, creating an artistic experience like no other. Each artwork tells a compelling story, challenging societal norms and offering a fresh perspective on various themes.

Schedule Your Visit:
To fully appreciate the brilliance of Roberto F. Salmon's "Disruptive Art" exhibition, Xico encourages visitors to call ahead and schedule a tour. This ensures a personalized and engaging experience, allowing you to delve deeper into the stories behind each artwork. Alternatively, mark your calendar for the final reception on August 6, where you can mingle with fellow art enthusiasts and celebrate the culmination of this extraordinary exhibition.

Venue and Contact Information:
Xico Inc., a prominent cultural organization dedicated to promoting Latino and Indigenous arts, hosts the "Disruptive Art" exhibition at their 829 Studio, situated at 829 N. First Ave., Suite 101, Phoenix. For more information and to schedule your visit, please contact Xico Inc. at 480-833-5875 or visit their website at

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the brilliance of Roberto F. Salmon's "Disruptive Art" exhibition at Xico's 829 Studio. Experience the powerful fusion of ancestral and contemporary influences in Salmon's pop art creations. Whether you schedule a personal tour or attend the final reception, be prepared to be inspired, challenged, and moved by the thought-provoking artwork on display. Immerse yourself in this vibrant world of artistic expression and embrace the captivating vision of Roberto F. Salmon.

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