Behind the Scenes of "The Speak Easy Exhibit"

Behind the Scenes of "The Speak Easy Exhibit"

The journey to creating an unforgettable art exhibit is always filled with excitement, creativity, and hard work. "The Speak Easy Art Exhibit" was no exception. Held in June, this event brought together art lovers, collectors, and creatives to experience a blend of elegance and irreverence in a unique setting. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together, the highlights, and the incredible support that made it a success.


The Inspiration

The concept for "The Speak Easy Art Exhibit" was born from my love for blending the refined with the rebellious. The idea was to create an environment that felt both sophisticated and daring, where each artwork challenged the norms while maintaining a touch of elegance. This duality is a core part of my artistic vision, and I wanted the exhibit to reflect that.

Preparation and Planning

Preparation for the exhibit started months in advance. From selecting the perfect venue to curating the pieces that would be showcased, every detail was meticulously planned. A special thank you goes to my partner Marisol, who flew in from Mexico to support and assist with the preparations. Andrea from Eunoia Modern provided invaluable tips and ideas that helped shape the final presentation.

The Event

The event was a resounding success, and it was all thanks to the amazing team and the enthusiastic attendees. Jimmy, our bartender, curated a cocktail selection that perfectly complemented the evening. Aimee handled logistics seamlessly, ensuring everything ran smoothly, while Mel's music selection created the perfect ambiance. Victor captured stunning photos of the event, and Galeria Seiz Zero added a touch of elegance with their support.


One of the standout pieces from the exhibit was "Elixir of Muse," a piece that seemed to captivate everyone who saw it. The evening was filled with wonderful moments of connection, conversation, and appreciation for art. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many attendees expressing their excitement for future events.

Looking Forward

As I reflect on the success of "The Speak Easy Art Exhibit," I am filled with gratitude for everyone who contributed and attended. This event has set a high bar, and I am excited to continue pushing the boundaries and exploring new themes in future exhibits.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, and thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. For those who couldn't attend, you can relive the magic and see the highlights here.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards, Roberto Fernando

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the exhibit. Your presence made it truly special. Stay tuned for future events!

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